Greenwood Fabricating & Plating, LLC. knows that a warehouse can be more than just a storage building. Greenwood’s warehouses are beehives of activities, all designed to protect your investment.

Working with long-term contracts, we employ just in time production strategies and long term storage in environmentally controlled, secure, heated, and dry structures. Our warehouses dedicate space, labor, and equipment to a single client for the storage of inventory. Using Kanban to control the logistical chain, we will handle your distribution requirements while managing inventories and all orders. 

GF&P provides customers with a wealth of standard services, including EDI client reports, FIFO rotation, lot control, importing and exporting, online inventory tracking, and the prerequisite heavy lifting of items. We also offer warehouse consulting services, and a warehouse management system that will fulfill your orders by kitting, picking and packaging, labeling, and processing returns, when necessary.

We have honed our warehousing skills by successfully managing the storage, inventory, and disbursement of their own products. We inventory copper and aluminum bar and plate, and silver and tin plated bar and plate, all of which is available upon demand. No lightweights when it comes to handling difficult products, we regularly supply 12’ long metal bars and bundles of product weighing up to 4,000 lbs. We are also comfortable storing, inventorying, and shipping a full line of our own plated fabricated or machined parts.