Greenwood Fabricating and Plating has two facilities providing the flexibility to offer barrel and rack plating options both manual and automatic.  Our capability allows for barrel plating small parts all the way up to our automated lines that have the capacity to plate up to twelve foot busbar.

Employing computer controlled electroplating processes; we apply silver, copper, zinc, nickel, and tin plating to aluminum, brass, copper, and steel, all have the capability to keep extremely close tolerances.  Selective plating applications are available.  Additionally we offer chromate conversion, passivating, and phosphating (manganese and zinc) operations to increase durability and corrosion resistance of bearing, busbars, die castings, and fasteners.  When required we do offer hydrogen relief, chemical milling (industrial etching), bright dipping on copper and stripping of parts.

From Prototype and Production we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, RoHS compliant, and able to accommodate Mil-Spec standards.  We can accept CAD files delivered by AutoCAD, MasterCam, JPEGS, or PDFs.

Protect the integrity of your parts and components with high-quality plating.