Sales Contacts

Loretta Rohlinger
Sales Representative
(864) 941-9124

Jeff Crowther
Account Manager
(864) 993-1414

Eileen Boren
Sales and Operations Support Manager
(864) 993-7093


Greenwood Fabricating & Plating, LLC
PO Box 3323
215 Mill Avenue
Greenwood, SC 29646

PHONE: 864 229-1225
TOLL-FREE PHONE: 800 729-8701

Ware Shoals Industries
100 Holloway Road
Ware Shoals, SC 29692

PHONE: 864 993-7398

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Customer Service

Call (864) 229-1225 and take option 3

Fabrication and Machining - Brock Dixon
Extension: 9155

Plating - Davita Watkins
Extension: 9149

Shipping and Receiving - AJ Miller
Extension: 9158